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Businesses and residents are being asked what they would want Strand CBD to look like in the future, as one of the early steps in a potential regeneration plan. Their responses will, as a part of a public consultation drive, add great value to a consideration process for a proposed draft plan. People’s thoughts are being gathered online through an initial questionnaire, that will at a later […]

PHOTO COMPETITION: Send us your best Strand pics

To celebrate the launch of our brand new SBID x Future Strand website, we’ll be running a special photo competition for everyone who loves this special seaside town as much as we do! We’re looking for beautiful images that capture the magic of Strand – summery beach scenes, spectacular sunsets, the hustle and bustle of […]

From icon to invalid: a timeline of the Strand Jetty

Iconic landmark synonymous with the Strand. Anyone who lived/spent vacations in Strand prior to the early 2000s would remember strolling along it and watching the fisherman patiently waiting for their day’s catch. It was the spot you went to eat your ice cream and no doubt had its fair share of romantic moonlight strolls. All […]

How about an open-air, walkabout museum for Strand?

There are so many apparent reasons why a museum in the heart of Strand – not necessarily confined to a single building or space, but one that could be appreciated and enjoyed on foot by groups and individuals – is an extremely attractive possibility that surely merits further investigation. This is the opinion of Dr […]

Strand BID always alert and ready

Public Safety  The Safety Officers of the SBID are always willing to offer assistance if accidents occur in their area of mandate. They are efficient at directing the traffic, keeping bystanders away from the injured or rendering any service that is needed.  One such incident occurred in the parking area of Strand Square, when two […]