Businesses and residents are being asked what they would want Strand CBD to look like in the future, as one of the early steps in a potential regeneration plan.

Their responses will, as a part of a public consultation drive, add great value to a consideration process for a proposed draft plan.

People’s thoughts are being gathered online through an initial questionnaire, that will at a later stage be followed by a survey in the town centre itself.

The prospective plan is being put together by a group of community volunteers under the collective name of ‘Future Strand’, and is supported by the Strand BID.

“The creation of this plan is so important as it will help determine what Strand will look like in future. To create a plan that truly will benefit the town, we need the help of those who know their town best: those who live and work there,” says Grant Goodwin, chair of the Strand BID, the organisation that initiated Future Strand.

The following survey will help us establish which areas to focus on.
It shouldn’t take more than 8 minutes to fill out. Thank you for your participation!

Welcome to your Strand CBD Usage Survey

1. How old are you?

2. Gender

3. Is this your neighbourhood?

4. Which features and services do you use in Strand CBD?

5. Do you work in Strand?

6. How frequently do you visit Strand CBD?

7. How do you normally get to Strand CBD?

8. How would you describe your parking experience in Strand?

9. Do you ever feel unsafe in Strand?

10. Which of the following would you want to see a greater range or improved quality of in Strand?

11. Are there any facilities not present in Strand that you would like to see?

12. Do you visit the flea market?

13. Would you like to see any changes to the flea market?

14. Do you use the train station?

15. Would you like to see any changes to the train station?

16. Do you use the taxi rank?

17. Would you like to see any changes to the taxi rank?

18. Do you use the public swimming pool?

19. Would you like to see any changes to the swimming pool facilities?

20. Which of the following would you like to see more of in the CBD? Choose the 5 you'd like to see happening soonest.

21. How often do you visit Strand at night?

22. If you have any one thing that you would like to happen in Strand CBD, what is that?

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