The Strand BID received a whole lot of complements during the past two months. Here is what the public had to say about the work the team are doing in the business district:

“The SBID team of safety officers are doing an excellent job!” – Bettie Julius [Social Development]

“The park is much neater and has improved a lot in genera thanks to the good work of the SBID team of safety officers and especially their success in preventing people from drinking in public” – Mrs Wildschut, an employee from City Parks.

“I applaud the work that the Safety Officers have been doing in the Strand business distric over the last few months. I can clearly see the difference and appreciates what they are doing. I sincerely hope this operation can be extended to provide an after hour service as well.” – Mr Swart, caretaker at The the Metropole Plaza

“A lot are changing for the better in this area – thanks to the work the SBID’s team of public safety officers are doing. Thank you so much.” – Johan Schoeman, caretaker at the Galloway Centre


Dear Johan

 I want to thank you , and Ruaan’s team for the excellent service they rendered on Saturday !

 Ruaan gave me a courtesy call Saturday morning to inform me that he and his team will meet us at the Strand station. They were already there when we arrived to escort the group to the beach and back in the afternoon. The team stayed with us on the station until we left.

We felt so safe with their visible presence right throughout the day.

 A special thanks also to the Law enforcement Mr F Petersen and his team for their assistance.

Johan, thank you and your team once again. I just wish I could have more assistance like this when I I take groups around.

 Regards, Olivia Linders