Strand BID and Future Strand share a new online home

In an effort to continue keeping this special seaside town inviting to both residents and visitors, Strand BID has partnered with an exciting new initiative called Future Strand.

While the BID will continue the good work its been doing with keeping the streets clean and safe, Future Strand wishes to nurture a renewed sense of community within the town.

“We wish to revitalise Strand CBD as a community hub and gathering places, which reflects and celebrates the historic character, traditional small-town atmosphere and values of its people,” says Grant Goodwin, Friedman & Cohen director, who is also at the helm of the Future Strand initiative.

With acclaimed Development and Project Manager Donia Kamstra on board, the hope is that Future Strand will be the driving force behind a renewed effort to breathe new life into the CBD.

Future Strand’s vision encompasses the following five elements:

  • The creation of community gathering places
  • The nurturing of a vibrant Main Street district
  • Reclaiming the small-town character and charm
  • Drawing in thriving anchor institutions
  • Encouraging a vibrant beachfront and promenade, with inviting amenities

The initiative was introduced earlier this year and recently launched a brand new website, which it will be sharing with Strand BID.

Take some time to browse through and let us know what you think!


In celebration of this new online space, Strand BID / Future Strand will also be running a photo competition.

The idea is to use the winning photo as the site’s new homepage image. Apart from this, the winner will also receive a coffee machine sponsored by Russel Hobbs and Friedman & Cohen.

Find out more about the competition.

For more information, please get in touch with Basheera Railoun on